Who we are

About the NHS Clinical Leaders Network

Since 2006, the NHS Clinical Leaders Network (NHS CLN) has been a national, professional network for clinical and care leaders across England. The NHS CLN exists to empower, develop and connect clinical and care leaders irrespective of profession, position or experience to enable them to develop personally and professionally in order to support and progress the health and care system.

The NHS CLN exists with the purpose of developing shared leadership between clinical and care leaders alongside managers (our ‘double helix methodology’) to optimise the experience, knowledge and skills of the leaders and managers to drive real change. This methodology has many benefits with the hope that together, the network can bring about real change and improvement to user/patient experience and service delivery at a local, regional and national levels.

We are open to a variety of professionals from within the health and care sector and we aim to formally launch our Clinical and Care Leaders Network later in 2023.

There are many opportunities to engage with the NHS CLN:

  • Become a member as a clinical and care leaders – membership is free, just simply click on the ‘Contact Us’ page and we will be in touch with the details
  • Become an associate – if you are manager in the health and care sector and you would like to find out how you can bring your knowledge and skills to the network activities whilst gaining some broad ranging experience learning new skills, then please get in touch
  • Request some dedicated support to help establish, nurture or transform your existing clinical and care networks to help accelerate any priority transformations within your system