Transformation Network Meetings

Provides members with insight across health and care through expert speakers. Gives members the space to work through current health and care issues supported through peer coaching, mentorship and delivery support. All this is across organisational boundaries and recognises the budgetary envelope at Place level.

  • 800 active members
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Format: Expert speakers, place based peer coaching and delivery support, networking lunches
  • Benefits to sponsors: brand reputation, services promotion
  • Benefits to members: targeted learning on current thinking, challenges and developments; opportunity to develop personal network; group discussions providing peer coaching, mentoring and supportive challenge on delivery. Self development that keeps them ahead of the curve
  • Benefits to customers: system wide learning and development to enable positive change to the organisation and system. Enabling seamless, integrated care. Independent, multi-disiplinary, impartial overview of health and care developments that has patients and the public at its core