Emerging Front Line Clinical & Care Leaders Course

A transformational Leadership Development Programme focussed on self-awareness, understanding your own abilities, skills and modulating them to be effective leaders within the NHS Healthcare environment

Current status: Since 2017, 350 clinicians/social care workers/managers have undertaken/booked on and pre-pandemic had an alumni of 220

4 formal training days provided by an internationally acknowledged team with plenary sessions hosted in different health & social care settings providing honest viewpoints of the system. Complemented by networking sessions throughout the 12 months


  • Credible, energised leaders that inspire trust
  • Agile and responsive clinicians/carers/managers with clear values and principles
  • High performing teams working to their strengths & to a common goal
  • Leading a more engaged and motivated team
  • Developing high levels of accountability within a team delivering high quality on time
  • Greater innovation and greater productivity



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