Emerging Leaders Courses

Emerging Front Line Clinical & Care Leaders Course

A transformational Leadership Development Programme focused on self-awareness, understanding your own abilities, skills and modulating them to be effective leaders within the NHS Healthcare environment

Current status: Since 2017, around 400 clinicians/social care workers/managers have accessed this fantastic course which blends formal leadership training provided by our internationally acknowledged delivery partner, Happy  alongside NHS CLN delivered development days harnessing the wealth and breadth of experience across our entire network. 

We provide continuous support to our emerging leaders through our ongoing networking sessions and transformation workshops beyond the formal training programme to embed learning and continuously improve their leadership skills throughout their career.


  • Credible, energised leaders that inspire trust
  • Agile and responsive clinicians/carers/managers with clear values and principles
  • High performing teams working to their strengths & to a common goal
  • Leading a more engaged and motivated team
  • Developing high levels of accountability within a team delivering high quality on time
  • Greater innovation and greater productivity

Programme Outline

NHS CLN-EFCCL 2023 Programme Outline

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NEW FOR 2023/24: The Emerging Frontline Clinical and Care Leaders Course will be available across all England regions for the first time in 2023/24. Please use the contact form below to find out more